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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Morning honey bees! Did you sleep well? Couldn't wait showing you this outfit, since I am IN LOVE with this top. I found it at Episode, a vintage store. It has this romantic feel that I really love. The only thing I really dislike about this top is that the looks of it are totally summer proof, but the semi-long, tighter fit sleeves are really not summer proof at all (read: you are not going to be happy when wearing this in hot, sweaty weather). But hey, I can't deny this pretty lil' thing works well on pictures!

Following me yet?

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Take me back to the 70's. Flared jeans are AWESOME! For those of you who want to elongate their legs, flared jeans are perfect. A pair of (high) heels is kind of a must, but having painful feet isn't that bad knowing your legs look at least 10 centimeters longer. I wore a long loose shirt on top of it since I am already really tall myself, but try combining the jeans with a shorter top if you want to show off more!

Jeans | H&M (similar ones from Jades here)


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Monday, August 18, 2014


Ever since I have bought this jacket I have only worn it twice I think. TWICE, can you believe that? I guess I just somehow keep forgetting its existence... Don't even really know why or how because I'm still madly in love with this piece! So I decided, something pretty like this deserves more attention. Therefore this post. Here we go lil shaggie, the stage (blog) is all yours! By keeping the rest of my outfit clean all eyes are on the jacket, and that's exactly what you want when wearing a statement piece like this. 

What is your opinion on statement items like these? Would you wear an outfit like this or would you have styled it totally different?

Jacket | Lovers and Drifters


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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


FRUIT MADNESS. There is no way around it! Somehow taking pictures of, and taking pictures with, different kind of fruits (particularly pineapples) seem to have become a hype. 'They photograph so well', is what many people say and I have to admit, they do. Especially pineapples with their rough structure and spiky leaves. I took a picture with a pineapple and even though the attribute itself looked photogenic the look didn't really do me any good, so I decided to go for melons. Not that famous as our spiky friends but they served their purpose well: randomly taking a fun picture. They do cheer up the setting don't you think? Also, I have always asked myself how it would feel to have big boobies, and this way I kind of got a taste of it.
What do you guys think of this hype? I have to admit that a candycrush hype would be welcome as well. Taking pictures with candy (and eating them afterwards) sounds very tempting to me!


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Monday, August 11, 2014


I have never posted a sporty look on the blog before, but there's a first time for everything! When I go to the gym I always wear workout leggings, a (looser fit) top and my Nike runners. The two workout leggings I have are black. Nice and simple, but nothing special. Some times I will just drool over cool printed ones I come across at the gym. 'Maybe I'll run faster with a print like that on my legs?' (Obviously not, but hey, a girls is aloud to fantasize right?) So when these Protest ones from Van Tilburg Online arrived I got really excited. Don't you think they're super cool? The print is in black and grey, so not too crazy. I feel like they're just right! Protest, you hit the spot with these bad boys! Oh, and girls, I will for sure let you know if I actually run faster wearing these (or lift heavier weights, who knows!)

Have a nice (sporty) day!

Protest workout legging | Van Tilburg Online (here)

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Morning monkeys! What have you been up to? Any exciting news I need to hear about? Today I'm showing you one of my favorite summer buys: my blue kimono. My sister mentioned that this post should be having more pictures, to show more of the total outfit (I was wearing a bikini underneath - go figure - two different prints, really cute if you ask me). I totally agree with her on that part! Unfortunately this wasn't one of my best shooting days - don't we all know those 'off days'? - and when we shot these the sun was going down so we didn't have that much time. A shortage of time + shooting an outfit + an off day + me = not that many useable pictures. 
Long story short (am I rambling yet?), even though I can't show you much of this look, I still wanted to show you this kimono. Such an easy way to cover up with when you're going to the pool, beach or actually just to about anywhere if the weather allows you to. These kind of items don't only look good with a bikini, but also combined with jeans shorts and a T-shirt they rock!

Kimono | H&M (on sale!)


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