Friday, March 28, 2014

I actually just baked pancakes for the kids I babysit when I heard of National Pancake Day. Yes really, it exists. And for us Dutchies that day is today! (Woohoo!) I have to admit that I only heard about it yesterday and had no clue what the motivation behind this day was (other than a good excuse to eat more pancakes than you can actually handle without feeling like a fatty afterwards). So here it goes: the idea behind National Pancake Day is to put seniors in the spotlight. How? By baking pancakes for them of course! Six hundred primary schools will participate. And even though I'm not a primary school student anymore (if only I were...) I took today as an opportunity to bake me some goodies. So who cares to join me? Get bakin' babes!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

YES! It is finally happening, time to undress! When I shot these pictures with my wifey Rosanna from BillieRose it was so-so-so nice out. It's almost surprising we didn't see some crazy peeps strolling around in bathing suits (us Dutchies like to dress like it's 30 degrees when it's actually only 10 degrees). Anywho, it was a great day to lose the jacket and so I did. Keep them coming Mr. weatherman!

Kimono | Forever21
Top | H&M
Jeans | H&M
Boots | Zalando

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Monday, March 17, 2014

 Happy new hair | Quote of the day | Hairdresser fun with my babe BillieRose
 Chillin' with my knee-highs | Breakfast and a random flower | TRUTH
 Selfie-all-the-way | I'm a little addicted to flowers | Sunny skies in Amsterdam
 Morning ritual: shaking it up | Acting like a cool kid with a backpack | Lace bralet 
 'Thinking about...' | Coffee date with my love Ruby | New iphone case (YAY!) from Iconemesis
 Whoops, dirty thoughts | In onmy  window sill | Always. Smile/Laugh. (Hysterically). 
Restroom performance | Picking out fresh flowers | Wake up!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hi there! How have you been? I haven't really been that good of a blogger lately. School stuff, I guess you can all relate to that?! I'm actually almost done with school and have to start looking for an actual job-job. Yup, me as a working lady! Exciting but also a bit scary... I'm not going to focus on the fashion branch only, because my interests go beyond that. I would also love to work in the entertainment branch (television maybe?) or maybe establish and develop my production skills (events?). We will see! As for now, I need to finish my thesis first!

P.S. What do you think of this all-black look? Black is still my favorite. It never gets boring me and makes me feel confident I guess..

Leather jacket | Urban Outfitters
Lace top | Zara
Jeans | H&M
Booties | Zalando

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I hate (!) looking for a winter coat or jacket. It is difficult finding a jacket that will keep you warm and dry, and looks good at the same time. Therefore I am usually freezing my way through winter since I just stubbornly keep on wearing my (not that warm) Autumn jackets. But, lucky as I am, I found this bomber jacket a few weeks ago. That is, a men's bomber jacket! It's warm, water-proof and it has this cool, boy-ish look I love!

What do you think? Is this a winner or what?

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Monday, January 6, 2014

I, like many others, like to take the occasional walk down memory lane. Click through photo albums, laugh at how dorky I looked, admire the flawless, unstained facial skin and wishing I could go back sometimes. This looking back at better moments is done so often by so many people that it even got its own definition [#throwback]. Social media channels are fluttered with throwbacks. At first these 'look-how-cute-I-was-back-then-photo's' were mostly posted on Thursdays [#Throwbackthursday], but now nobody really cares about Thursday's anymore. It's #Throwbackallthetimeanytime.

SO, I got to thinking. Why do we keep throwing back and not forward? I guess the most logical answer would be that it is impossible to look into the future. So there is argument number one. Argument number two is illustrated below and made me never want to throw anything forward ever again! Ever! I will just stick to reliving my youth and ignore the fact that I will eventually grow older (and will look like my face is made out of pudding).

Still feel the need to #throwitforward? Try throwing forward your family members or friends. I promise you, you will get a good laugh out of it!

 Throw it back!
Throw it forward!


New Year's resolutions are like pretentious laws that are meant to be broken. Or do I come across a bit harsh now? Let's take a look at the origins of New Year's resolutions. I would say that the main aim for many people is to become a better version of themselves, starting in the next year to come. Resolutions are almost like notes to yourself [Note to self: drink less, exercise more.]

The thing that bothers me about resolutions is that people don't follow through. Because if we all did, we would be ten times thinner, healthier, happier and richer by now. [Note to self: spend less, earn more.] By the end of December it is almost like thinking of resolutions is an obligation. Just because you know at least a handful of people will ask you what you came up with this year. 'What are your New Year's resolutions?' Therefore everyone (and with everyone I mean everyone: friends, family, the neighbors, the neighbors' neighbors and even the neighbors' neighbors' dog) comes up with the same old stuff, only then maybe just worded differently as the year before. [Note to self: think of more ways to becoming a better person.]

Two weeks in and Uncle Harry starts smoking again, Auntie Mary has not set foot in the gym and the neighbors' neighbors' dog has not stopped barking at random people passing by. If you would ask them what happened with their New Year's resolutions, they will most likely come up with an answer similar to 'I feel that 2015 is going to be THE year! I'll give it a shot then!'

If you really feel like you want to become a better version of yourself, then procrastinating until a new fresh year has started isn't the answer, neither are New Year's resolutions. Be a better version of yourself every day. Yesterday as a starting point is better than tomorrow!

[note to you: don't mix up becoming a better version of yourself with becoming a nun. Having fun, going crazy, dancing until 4am and sleepless nights because chatting with friends is so much better than sleeping are all part of living that happy life you're aiming for!]

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