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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hi babes, I'm keeping this one short because I feel like these images hardly need explanation. I la-la-love flare trousers. I have always been the skinny jeans type of girl, but come on, what's not to love about these bottoms?! Now I just have to find the perfect pair! With my long legs finding good trousers is a bit of a problem sometimes, but there must be a pair of good ones out there!

All tips are welcome of course!


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Have you ever watched New Girl? If the answer is yes, I'm giving you an air high-five right... NOW! If the answer is no, I'm giving you an air high-five in the face right... NOW! No just kidding, if no is your answer I would highly recommend to start watching this series. It is HI-LA-RI-OUS! No kidding, best ever!
Anyways, why I came up with this is that one of the guys in New Girl always says 'cardi' when he is referring to carigan, which obviously makes him an easy target to make fun of. ('Whaaat? Real dudes don't say cardi!' - that kind of stuff). Making a long story short, cardigan or cardi, longline items are my new go-to. They elongate your body (which I guess is totally not necessary in my case but still), and look cute with any kind of bottoms actually. Shorts, a skirt or jeans. You name it.
What do you think of this items?

Cardi(gan) | Monki (buy it here
Jeans shorts | Levis vintage
Top | H&M
Sunnies | Forever21 (buy it here)
Boots | Sarenza


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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Yup, I think we could say summer is finally making its entrance. I have worn my Levis shorts already (outfit post coming up!), I have sat on my friends balcony while eating some munchies and drinking wine, I have had moments where I secretly thought sh*t I really have to get used to these sweaty temperatures again, and my mood has improved A LOT (I can be really grumpy when it comes to cold, rainy weather).
This summer my parents have rented a house with pool in France and my friend and I are going to Ibiza to stir things up there. Can't wait for both trips! Of course planning holiday trips is one of the things that makes me question my wardrobe most and an urge to start shopping NOW is definitely present at the moment. I would say the perfect wardrobe is a mix of basic tops (some sleeveless tops as well as some loose fit T-shirts), some sleeveless vests to throw over your tops, cut-off denim shorts, some printed kimonos and don't forget a few dresses. Now the mixing and matching can start. Vests like the beige, fringed one in this post (love this cute piece!) can not only be thrown over tops but are also a good asset to pimp up a dress. Top an outfit off with necklaces and big rings and you're ready for summer!
Take a look at VanTilburgonline, they sell different brands and they offer some really cute summer goodies!

Fringe vest | Vero Moda (buy it here)
Jeans jacket | Maison Scotch (buy it here)
T-shirt | Only (buy it here)
Shorts | Vero Moda (buy it here)


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Me myself and I got me some new goodies. Two of the cutest lil bralets and some tortoiseshell sunnies. Hi there summer, I'm ready for you so bring on the heat please!

Bralets | Forever21
Sunnies | Forever 21 (in black)


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Wine, good food and catching up with friends. I have been wanting to buy a vintage look rug for quite a while now, only two problems arose. One, I am allergic to house dust mites (WIHOE!) and therefore buying a rug that will for sure attract these kind of mites would not be the best decision. Secondly, I can be a real impulse buyer. But in my mind a little voice goes like: WHO CARES, I WANT IT SO BAD! To make a long story short, my lovely friend let me borrow her rug for a little while so I can see if I start sneezing and sniveling, and if I like the look of it. So far so good, I love it! What do you think?


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


YES, it was that time a year again. Time time to get my shag on. That is, a new shag (jacket). I love everything about these furry-ish cover ups. They are perfect for upgrading a casual outfit, and because plain T-shirts are still one of my all time favorites these kind of jackets are made for me! Never a dull moment with this beauty around your shoulder! 

Also feel like shagging it up? Go to Lovers and Drifters club and don't forget to read all the cool kids stories!

Following me yet dear?

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