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Monday, May 28, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest

Before I start racing against time (a.k.a. trying to absorb as much knowledge about philosofical greatness as possible within a day), I wanted to make sure to post this summerlook on my blog. The weather has been good to us! Sun, blue skies, long nights. The only thing I am missing is the ocean in my back yard and a waiter serving me cold drinks. WOW, that sounded way too decadent. Don't mind me, I think these philosofical writings are slowly taking over my brain! Anyways, what I was getting at was that this weather made it possible for me to finally wear this skirt! It has been in my closet for months, but I have only worn it once (up til now!) But now I will for sure wear outfits like this more often!

Maxi skirt | Zara
Top | H&M 
Sandals | Primark (old!)
Bracelets | H&M, Albert Cuyp Market
Watch | Albert Cuyp Market
Ring | H&M

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest

Sun is up, finally
got a thing or two I want to do
and I don't wait for you, I'm on my way
on my way'

Good morning! Well, the sun is up and I have more than two things to do! Definitely! Even though it seems
like summer is finally here, I have to try to ignore this fact and read as much articles, summaries and lecture
PowerPoints as possible. I just have to tell myself that I will be done in about two weeks and then there will be enough time to get a sunburn, right? So hang in there with me!

Are you almost done with school? Or do you still have to take a lot of exams or hand in assignments?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Doutzen Kroes vs Marloes Horst

Well hello there!

Isn't this the view you would want to wake up with every day? BEAU-TI-FUL! (Hmm, it almost sounds as if the male me is taking control, right?) I came across these pictures a little while ago and the article talked about the differences (height, age, names) but also the clearly visible similarities (Australian Vogue and Vogue Nippon cover, Calvin Klein campaigns, Victoria's Secret photoshoots, entering a Miss pageant) between these two supermodels. Doutzen Kroes versus Marloes Horst. What do you think, is Marloes Horst the upcoming Doutzen Kroes or will no other Dutchy walk in Doutzen's famous footsteps?

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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest


It's finally weekend and I am really depending on you for some good ol' weekend stories! I have decided to get married to my couch  and study books, so I don't have any juicy stories to share with you today!

OEH, but I did do something that, to me, is still very exciting! We are redoing the livingroom: painting the kitchen cupboards white, painting one wall in a very light pistache-like color, creating a picture hangout spot on one of the other walls and changing up the accessories. (Wow, and even writing about it makes me feel all worked up again!) So, this morning I went out to buy us (my two roommates and I) some new living room decorations. I felt like a young child in a candystore. I practically wanted to buy everything. I repeat: EVERYTHING! And another great detail: the back and front of our apartment is being worked on and freshly painted as well, so when those men are done we can also summer proof our little back yard! Cheers to that!


Blazer | H&M
Trousers | Zara
T-shirt | H&M Mens division (I love wearing plain T-shirts and dressing them up a bit!)
Necklace | Zara
Shoes | All stars

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whatstrend: there's no harm in dreaming, right?

Ph | Pinterest 

Have you seen the movie ‘Yes man!’? The one where Carl Allen, played by Jim Carrey, enrolls into a personal  development program and soon finds himself saying ‘YES’ to everything. Would you like to take guitar lessons? YES! Would you like to learn Korean? YES! Are we going to fight or what? YES! Would you like to increase the size of your…? …YES!

You now are probably wondering why I keep rambling on about this movie, who cares right? Well, what I was getting to is that it seems as if I am playing the role of Carl Allen, only then in my own life. In the past few weeks I have developed the extreme urge to say yes to every opportunity that crosses my path. I am not exactly sure what hit me, but I have the strong feeling that I just entered the ‘I-am-twenty-plus-and-want-to-achieve-many-things-in-life-so-let’s-cut-the-crap-and-go-for-it’  period of my life. And who blames me? I do have many dreams, so why not start chasing them?
Therefore, I am meeting a photographer this Friday to talk over a possible collaboration, I will rock my exams so I can wrap up this year and soon be done with school, I will try to set up an appointment with the editor of one of the Dutch magazines AND I am wholeheartedly saying yes to the potential of becoming a Whatstrend blogger.
I don’t have the ‘Never Stop Dreaming’ sentence tattooed on my right arm without reason. Dreaming big is something I believe everyone should do. This, combined with hard work and dedication will probably help you along the way of achieving your goals. Very important to remember: don’t forget to enjoy and smile your way through it! (I also forget the concept of smiling once in a while and believe me, it doesn’t make me look any prettier!)
As for now, I am going to put on my biggest smile, keep my fingers crossed and dream about writing up my first Whatstrend blogpost. There is no harm in dreaming, right?

P.S. Are you also dreaming of a collaboration with Whatstrend? Make sure to publish an article on your blog and share the link of your blogpost in a comment here (Note: this need to be done BEFORE tomorrow!)
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala

Video | Sprhuman via COTTDS

I came across this video when I was looking through my Facebook, and I was glued to the screen immediately. On the 7th of May, all fashion forced joined together at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. This years exhibition (the gala being the official opening of the exhibition) is in honor of designers Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli. Everyone who means something in the fashion and film industry was present. Of course this event was one you didn't want to miss out on!

NOTE: Look at all the detailing in the garments! The different fabrics, textures and colors! Not to forget the careful thought that went into the choice of shoes, accessories, hair and make-up. A red carpet overdose of beautiful people!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest

And... MARCH! Good morning dears! This post is in honor of my new military jacket (officially I can't say it's new since it's 'vintage', but still!). LOVE it! The military print is definitely making its break-through. I have already seen many victims of this trend walking around on the streets of Amsterdam (and this time the term is meant in a good way!) NOTE: I am talking about military printed jackets, no unflattering male-like military trousers! 

Tell me, what do you think of this trend? Are you ready to fight your battle or is this trend something you would have to get used to?

Army jacket | Episode (vintage store)
Jeans shirt | Primark
Jeans | H&M
Heels | Topshop
Collar cuffs | Albert Cuyp Market
Watch | Michael Kors

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Monday, May 14, 2012

'The Guardian of Fashion' designing for H&M

Video | Youtube

NEWSFLASH: Anna Dello Russo, fashion director of the Japanese Vogue, designed an accessories line for H&M. Well ok, not so much a newsflash anymore but I still felt like sharing this video with you. I find the way she talks about fashion really intriguing. So take a closer look at the lady who calls the sound of jingling jewelery therapeutic, sees clothing as her alphabet and thinks her mission is being the guardian of fashion.

What do you think? Is Anna Dello Russo inspiring or does the guardian of fashion scare you off?

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ph | Pinterest

Good morning everyone, and a very happy Mothersday to all mommies!

How has your weekend been so far? Are you planning on a family day today, spoiling your moms? I am back in Soest for the day. Yesterday I took the train because I was asked to do the photograhy at a big ' 'we are celebrating not being fifty yet!' birthday party friends of my parents gave. The theme was incognito and therefore everyone was disguised. The sight of more than a hundred fourty plussers with colored wiggs and glasses, flared glitter pants and blazers, skirts and knee-high socks, neon dresses and hats and headbands is more than amusing. I have walked around with a big smile on my face the whole evening.

Now you are probably wondering why I am posting all these pictures of beautiful India. *Drumroll* I AM GOING TO INDIA THIS SUMMER! In the beginning of July, my family and I will fly over there and travel around the Northern part of India for two weeks. The Ganges river, Delhi, Varanasi, Taj Mahal, Agra, JaiPur, we are all going to see it and I am so so so excited! A trip to India is supposed to be a major culture shock: the great division between rich and poor, the crazy amount of people gathered per square foot and the smell (which I hear is not a scent you would want to use as a perfume). Culture shock or not, I believe India has so many beautiful things to offer, and I guess that this whole shock thing will only add to your experience. CANNOT WAIT! So I'm already excusing my India obsession right now, there might just be ten more India blog posts in the near future!

But for now, have a nice Sunday and make sure to give your mom a big fat hug today!