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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest

Bonjour mes amours!

Gosh, that has been a while! It feels like it is forever since I last wrote you. This is probably not only a feeling, but the truth. I have indeed been 'neglecting' my posts a bit.. I just have been caught up in my school (and babysitting) work. (BORING!)

Next Wednesday I have a final photoshoot at school. Thinking of a concept, putting everything on paper and do our shopping took a while.  Even though I am excited, I also can't wait until it's over so I can breath again.  What else? Oh, I passed all my University exams, which I am very happy about! Only a little over a month to go, and then my second University year is over already. On to my final year!

What about you guys? Ready to leave the school literature for what it is and celebrate a summery holiday?


Monday, April 23, 2012

CO/MOTION press day

Photography by me

Thanks to Rosanna, or BillieRose as you might know her, I went to my first press day last Thursday. Rosanna works at the PR company CO/MOTION and she invited me to have a look at the new autumn/winter 2012-2013 collections they got in. CO/MOTION represents brands like Caroline Biss, Demm, Esprite, Nola Nova, Daughters of Eve, Vera Mont, Sticks and Stones, Great Lengths. I have to admit that I was not really familiar with these brands, but it was fun to see what their view on the upcoming autum/winter is and how they present themselves.

Overall, I saw a lot of different textures (which I love!). Leather, wool, fur-like materials, different type of knits; a great texture cocktail! Also, I saw a lot of grey, beige and brown colored pieces. Each rack had clothing in some clean colors (which are easy to combine) and some more outspoken colors like dark green, red, salmon and blue.

1. The office interior, super cute if would you ask me!
2. A part of the showroom.
3. Who says that kids can't be as fashionable as we are? All those little shirts and trousers, adorable!
4. Kiddy shoes, by Esprit.
5. Detail shot of different textures (Esprit).
6. 'If you feel good, you look good!' Definitely true!
7. Clothing rack by Demm. Love the mix or beige/white with the salmon colored pieces.
8. Hair extensions by Great Lenghts.
9. Hmmm, this couscous salad with green peppers and herbs was delicious!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi-brow or why-brow?

Ph |,,,, Pinterest, We heart it

Oh YES! I just cannot let go of this dark, thick eyebrow trend. It gives so much more to a face then two over-tweezed eyebrows. A much stronger expression I think. Of course, not everyone can pull this trend off as well as these ladies in the pictures do, but it is worthwhile trying. There is a chance that it actually looks good on you, and if not, well at least you had a good laugh right?!

Sooo... What do you think? 'HI-brow!' or 'WHY-brow?'

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest

Good morning!

It's Wednesday, which means we are halfway down this week already! And it's not even raining, HALLELUJAH! Any exciting plans for today? Or just the regular: school, work, those kind of things. For me it's school and babysitting. Oh, and don't forget going to the gym. Therefore I have to make this note a short one, I have to hurry over there!

Have a good day loves!


Shirt | H&M
Blazer | H&M
Jeans | H&M (borrowed from my roommate)
Shoes | New Look
Watch | Michael Kors

Monday, April 16, 2012

In love with Amsterdam #1

Photography by me

Befriended, in love with, engaged to, happily married, AMSTERDAM. I don't have a man by my side to talk about, but I do have the city I live in that I am in love with. And since I am expressing these deep feelings on the net for everyone to read, I thought it was appropriate to share some pictures so you can get a glimpse of what I am talking about.

What do you think? In love already?

P.S. #2 will be posted soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest

Threadful Thursday!

Auch, that doesn't sound like a too happy good morning shout out right? Let me rephrase that: good morning dears! Did you have a good first half of the week? I did! I took the time to relax at night instead of feeding my brain with non-interesting school literature. Which obviously means that today I need to press the accelerator and catch up with my work.

Oh, before I forget, a little something about this outfit. I wore this to my parents on Easter Sunday. This was the first time I wore these trousers. They are kind of pyjama-like looking and feel very comfortable.  Perfect for spring!

What do you think of this striped pyjama look?


Trousers | H&M Trend
Top | New Look
Faux leather jacket | H&M
Blazer | Zara
Sunglasses | Ray Ban
Wedges | Topshop

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chololate eggs, bunny hops and some fresh air

Photography by me, my mom and my sister Cindy


Who has got the Tuesday blues? Me me me! Not because I have been partying like an animal, but just because I am so so longing for a longer holiday. These Easter days were fun, but let's be honest, I need a summer break. One that lasts for weeks! (Preferably months I would say, but I know that's not really realistic thinking).

I went to visit my family on Sunday and we had a great Easter brunch and took a stroll around the dunes, which are these great sand plains surrounded by forrest. That night I went back to Amsterdam to go to this party at Paradiso, a club in the center. And as for now, I should prepare myself for a presentation I have to give at school today, BLEGH!

What about you? How did you spend your Easter weekend?


Sunday, April 8, 2012

One hundred jumps thank you!

Photography by Cindy Voest

Two and a half months and one hundred followers later... I appreciate all your comments and visits, and to show you how much I do so we took some pictures of me jumping. Not a hundred times, I admit. But it did feel like it though! Heavy breathing and a hairdo as if I had been headbanging a bit too long. BUT, smiling all the way through!

Have a happy Easter lovelies!


P.S. I will upload an outfit post of me wearing this later on this week!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Photography by Cindy Voest

Good morning it's almost Easter bunnies!

How was your Friday night? Any crazy stories to share with me? E.g. you fell on your face when trying to walk to the nearest club with 6 inch heels on, have met your fairytale prince (or princess of course) or forgot to pull down your skirt after going to the bathroom. You name it, I want to hear about it! Unfortunately I don't have such stories for you, since I babysat last night. And I am guessing that couch potato stories are not considered 'crazy'...

This outfit I was wearing yesterday. We had some sun out, but it is still way too cold in my opinion. I even wore gloves in the beginning of the day, can you believe that? I am still very much in love with my floral trousers. The color scheme of the floral print makes it easy to combine the with whatever you would like! I still need to find a different floral printed blouse to go with it though. I love prints on prints!

Have a good day lovelies!


Trousers | Zara
Jumper | H&M
Blazer | Zara
Heels | Topshop